Why it’s essential to keep WordPress Updated?

September 10, 2023

In the ever-changing environment of the digital world, it is even more important to keep your WordPress site updated. WordPress is one of the most popular Content Management Systems on the market. The benefits of this mean you have a lot of additional plug-ins and support to help make your website as good as possible. However, it does mean WordPress is a prime target for cyber attacks. It is not just good practice to keep your website up to date but essential maintenance.

Cyber Security

Unfortunately, cyber-attacks have become more prevalent over the last ten years. The Groups and individuals behind these cyber attacks are always on the lookout for vulnerable sites. It doesn’t matter how small or insignificant you believe your site is there is always the potential for it to be hacked.

With WordPress being an Open Source Software, it is regularly updated to fix security flaws and vulnerabilities. Out-of-date versions of WordPress are the most likely websites on the Worldwide Web to victims of a cyber attack.

Lots of WordPress sites are hosted on shared web server platforms, which can hold 100s of sites. This can be a serious problem if one of the sites on these servers gets hacked, the infected site can then more easily infect others on the same server. This means hosting companies are harsh on the websites they deem to be infected taking them offline immediately. Keeping your WordPress website updated is essential to making sure your website is online as much as possible.

Bug Fixes, Technology advancements & Performance improvements

Also included in WordPress updates are bug fixes, technology advancement & performance improvements. These are equally important updates, as they can avoid code deprecation and website load time.

With the Worldwide Web Moving forward all the time it is no surprise the website code can become outdated quickly. Outdated code can lead to a multitude of issues, the two main ones being; a broken site and loading issues. Updating WordPress ensures that you avoid those issues and you keep your website up and running 100% of the time.  

You also get access to new technologies, that have come out since your initial version of WordPress was installed. This can help develop your website, by adding new features to make your website easy to use and load faster. This can make your website more SEO-friendly (Search Engine Optimisation) which can help make your site more visible helping generate more business.

Theme and Plug-ins

Another important part of your WordPress site to keep up to date are the themes and plug-ins, these need to be maintained to keep your site safe. Your plug-ins are equally as likely to make your site vulnerable. as each plug-in has its own code and this will need to be frequently updated to make sure hackers are unable to access your site files and cause havoc with your site. It’s a good job that most plug-ins on the WordPress platform get updated regularly by their developers. Not only will this help secure your site, but you might also receive new features to help you manage your site.

As you can see it’s very important to maintain your WordPress Site and the plug-ins. However this process is not as easy as clicking the update button, unfortunately, that could cause some serious issues with your site likely causing downtime. That is where Armadillo comes in, we are experts in updating WordPress and its plug-ins. We will make sure the updates go smoothly, by doing all the work on a development server to make sure there is no downtime or errors displayed. Often we will have to bug fix after an update is done. 

It is a risky business not having your website fully updated, to get a quote to help resolve this contact us at 01908 299 240 or Email info@armadillo.uk.com. Don’t Leave it too late though, as hack sites are sometimes impossible to get back!